Pokemon Type Chart for Brilliant Diamond Remakes, Shining Pearl

Two Pokémon, Lucario and Magmortar, fight each other over the Great Dungeon map.

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New Pokemon in wild nature. Well old Pokemon in the wild, repainted to look and feel like new Pokemon… Yes, Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shining pearlreleased for Switch on November 19, on all accounts Faithful but unimaginative remakes of 2006 DS Gen IV games. This means that they are working in the same scenario, including the Pokémon type table, which at the moment is just a series of scriptures.

Starting from the very first iteration, Pokemon is guided by a set of rules similar to rock-paper-scissors. With the exception of three elements, it depends on over a dozen, each of which is strong (super effective) or weak (not very effective) relative to the others. For example, attack Charmander (fire type) with Water gun move (water type) and you deal double damage. But try Blade attack (grass type) and your damage will be halved.

Weakness often has both sides: Grass Pokémon are also vulnerable to double damage from Charmander’s fire moves. But sometimes it’s a one-way street: Combat-style moves are very effective against Normal-style Pokémon, but Normal-type moves don’t do reduced damage against Combat-type Pokémon. This can be tricky.

To do this, you must complete Pokemon type table for memory. Or you can just bookmark this resource: a comprehensive rundown of the strengths and weaknesses of Pokémon in Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shining pearl

Pokemon Attack Table

  • Error blows grass, dark, psychic but weak against fairy, fire, fight, flight, poison, steel, fairy
  • Dark blows ghost, psychic but weak against dark, fairy, fight
  • The Dragon blows The Dragon but weak against steel and does not affect fairy
  • Electric blows flight, water but weak against electric, grasses, dragon and does not affect Earth
  • Fairy blows fight, darkness, dragon but weak against fire, poison, steel
  • Fighting blows dark, ice, normal, rock, steel but weak against beetle, fairy, flying, psychic and does not affect ghost
  • Fire blows beetle, grass, ice, steel but weak against dragon, fire, rock, water
  • Flying blows beetle, fight, grass but weak against electric, rock, steel
  • Ghost blows ghost, psychic but weak against dark and does not affect normal
  • Grass blows water, earth, rock but weak against beetle, dragon, fire, flight, grass, poison, steel
  • Earth blows electric, fire, poison, rock, steel but weak against grass, beetle and does not affect flying generally
  • Normal absolutely nothing hits, does not affect ghost in general, and weak against rock, steel
  • I blows fairy, grass but weak against ghost, earth, rock, poison and does not affect steel generally
  • Psychic blows fight, poison but weak against beetle, steel and does not affect dark generally
  • Rock blows beetle, fire, flight, ice but weak against combat, ground, steel
  • Steel blows fairy, ice, rock but weak against electrician, fire, steel, water
  • Water blows fire, earth, stone but weak against dragon, grass, water

Pokemon Defense Table

  • Error loses fire, flight, rock but tough against fight, grass, ground
  • Dark loses mistake, fight but tough against dark ghost and does not depend at all on psychic
  • The Dragon loses dragon, fairy, ice but tough against electricity, fire, grass, water
  • Electric loses Earth but tough against electric, flying, steel
  • Fairy loses poison, steel but tough against bug, darkness, fight and does not depend at all on The Dragon
  • Fighting loses fairy, flying, psychic but tough against beetle, dark, rock
  • Fire loses earth, stone, water but tough against beetle, fairy, fire, grass, ice, steel
  • Flying loses electric, ice, rock but tough against beetle, grass, fight and does not depend at all on Earth
  • Ghost loses dark ghost but tough against bug, poison and does not depend at all on fight, ok
  • Grass loses beetle, fire, flight, ice, poison but tough against electric, grasses, earth, water
  • Earth loses grass, ice, water but opposes poison, rock and does not depend at all on electric
  • Normal loses wrestling but does not depend at all on ghost
  • I loses earth, psychic but tough against beetle, fairy, grass, poison
  • Psychic loses beetle, dark, ghost but tough against combat, psychic
  • Rock loses grasses, earth, fight, steel, water but tough against fire, flight, normal, poison
  • Steel loses fire, fight, earth but against (deep breath) beetle, dragon, fairy, flight, grass, ice, normal, psychic, rock, steel and does not depend at all on I

At the end of the day, you can probably fight your way through most of the storyline battles with a high level crew and a healthy supply of healing items. (Electric car training can help a lot too.) But playing is more fun when you stick to the type table to fight most effectively. Pokemon lightning fast when you take out every member of the opposing team with one super effective hit. And knowing the diagram like the back of your hand is essential for the multiplayer post-game battles that are so broadly defined. Pokemon community. After all, your opponent probably knows.

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