Pokémon Super Pet Contest Winners

The Pokémon Company launched the Super Pet Contest last month, inviting fans to submit photos of their pets to win awesome prizes. The results are already known, so let’s take a look at the adorable winners.

Inspired by the Super Competition Shows featured at Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, the competition received a total of over 30,000 entries. Fans were required to categorize their pet as Smart, Cute, and Cool, mimicking games, and winners were selected through an initial public vote and final decision by a jury that included Michelle Visage.

Michelle introduces the top winners in the video above, but here’s a more detailed overview. In each category, the winning pets are displayed from left to right, from first to fourth place:

SMART Category:
Winner Name: Fish, Country: UK

COOLING category:
Winner Name: Lil Elsa, Country: USA

CUTE Category:
Winner Name: Flora, Country: USA

Talking about the competition, Michelle said: “I know how important all our beloved companion animals are – and it was such a pleasure to watch the great work every day! I could not have made my decision without the help of the voting public. so thank you all for showing these adorable members the love they truly deserve. “

It’s good that we were not forced to choose the winners, otherwise they would all go home with the main prize.

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