Pokémon Studio Failure and Success to make games the players “want”

Shigeru Omori (left) and Kazumasa Iwao (right) (Image: Game Freak)

Pokemon Game Freak Studio has published an article about its recruiting site which details the creation of Pokemon sword and shieldand Director Shigeru Omori and Chief Planning Officer Kazumasa Iwao went into detail about how the company works and how it approaches developing new positions in the hugely popular franchise.

Article translated courtesy Nintendo all and makes it interesting to read. For example, Iwao emphasizes the fact that there has been a “generational change” in the team:

[Iwao] provided higher positions to younger employees who had the ability and motivation to take responsibility, which gave them the opportunity to grow and learn. Staff must not only be able to complete their assigned tasks, but also communicate and build rapport with other team members in the process – a project like Pokemon cannot be completed by one person.

When asked how the young employees coped, Iwao felt that there was sometimes a lack of knowledge and experience in the project. Younger employees were repeatedly stuck and received a lot of advice from more experienced employees. They fought, but in the end they succeeded with the help of more experienced employees.

It has always been a tradition at Game Freak to empower youth. Even for Omori, he was chosen as the head of planning for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl when he was 25, while the rest of the staff were more experienced contributors. The organization changes frequently with each game name, and this is another thing that makes Game Freak so unique.

Omori states that he wants to “create Pokemon games that gamers want and give the feeling that Pokemon exists and lives with us,” and the article concludes that Game Freak always has “new opportunities and positions, as well as the opportunity participating in projects means they will never be repeated and never get bored. “

With a vast experience spanning over 20 years, a unique system that allows youth to experience failure and success, and a company that continues to change generations, Pokemon will continue to evolve.

Pokémon Sword & Shield was a commercial success, but was criticized by certain layers of the fandom for various reasons, the most obvious of which was the fact that the game did not include the full Pokédex. Pokémon’s director of consumer marketing, JC Smith, later admitted that the team behind the game “went through a lot.”

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