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Everyone Pokemon interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play tons Pokemonbut I love the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So here’s another Pokemon! This is Gengar!

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Type: Ghost / Venom

Average Height: 4’11 ”

Average Weight: 89.3 lbs.

First introduced in Generation I

According to the internet and the people I work with, Gengar is a very powerful character in the recently released Pokemon unite he is Pokemon MOBA. So I thought it would be fun to cover Gengar this week and who knows, maybe some people are looking for Pokemon unite-Gengar-related content will come in and read this. However, after reading about Gengar, I am afraid to enter any room without turning on all the lights. It’s not fun. This shit is from horror movies.

Gengar is a ghost. But you probably already knew that. What I didn’t know was that, according to one Pokedex entry found on Bulbapedia, Gengar is the ghost of a dead man. This is not a situation where the Pokedex vaguely alludes to its past, it is explicitly laid out and it is clear that this thing was once human. Here’s what the recording says:

“Obviously he needs a travel companion. Since he was once a man himself, he tries to create him by taking the lives of other people. “

This single entry can make you feel bad about Gengar. It’s just a lonely ghost looking for a friend. NO! Don’t fall for this shit. I don’t deny that Gengar can be lonely, but it is also a threat that often lurks in dark rooms or shadows and scares people. He not only tries to scare people, but also attacks them and even “steals their lives.” One Pokedex entry even says that if you see or feel Gengar next to you, it’s too late. “There is no getting away from this. Give up. ”

So of course you can play as Gengar in your Pokemon MOBA. But know that you are playing a cold, calculating and dodgy assassin. Wait, this just sounds like the Joker. Damn it, I’m making Gengar more popular.

Random facts

  • Apparently, in the form of a gigantamax, its large mouth is directly related to the afterlife. In fact, you can hear your dead loved ones calling you from the mouth of Gengar.
  • I wonder how people in the Pokemon universe deal with the knowledge that there is an afterlife and that the dead continue to live in one form or another? This seems to be a big thing that could completely change the way people live!
  • Here I want to point out that Gengar has a great design. It’s simple, but not boring or versatile. Gengar is one of my favorite first generation designs. (No, I’m not just saying this to make Gengar less angry with me and possibly spared my life in the process. Okay … maybe that’s one of the reasons I added this last fact.)

Best commentary from last week

“It’s funny because today I saw Kotaku being called by a bunch of Xbox haters on Twitter. Gamers! “


We are a lot to many people and enemies to all, especially, obviously, idiot fans.


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