Pokémon releases one-hour 25th anniversary anime special

Image: Pokemon

It seems the Pokémon 25th anniversary celebration isn’t over yet – with the animated series pokemon travel announcing that a one-hour special will air in Japan on April 1st.

This special edition will consist of two brand new episodes. In the first, titled Ash and Clemont! Friendship Special Training Ash travels to Lumiose City to fight in the World Coronation Series. Here he is reunited with his comrades X and Y, Clemont and Bonnie, but something goes wrong with Sirfetch’d.

In the second episode of this mini-arc “Ultra Class! VS Drasna’s Elite Four!” Ash fights Elite Four member Drasna in the same tournament. This will be followed by a third episode, which will apparently air on April 8. It’s called New Show! The Team Rocket Undercover Kingdom Radio!!”.

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