Pokémon Pikachu Build-A-Bear Plush Announced

Image: Build-A-Bear, Pokémon

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Build-A-Bear line, two new Pikachu plushies have been announced. They have different types of jackets – one is “Shiny Fur” and the other is “Winky Face”.

They both cost $76.00 / £61.00 and are available online now with store versions coming soon:

Each set includes a festive 25th Anniversary Pikachu with sound, a varsity jacket and a sleepsuit. Here is the description from the official Build-A-Bear website:

This adorable plush Pikachu is a must-have addition to any Pokemon Trainer’s team! Pikachu was the first plush Pokémon ever released at the Build-A-Bear Workshop, and this beloved Electric-type Pokémon is now available in a special limited edition for Build-A-Bear 25th Celebration. This winking plush Pokémon has shiny yellow fur, a lightning bolt-shaped tail, and a silver paw pad with the 25th Celebration Collection emblem. In addition to the 6-in-1 sound, this exclusive Pikachu plush comes with a red Pokémon varsity jacket and sleeper to complete this collectible set.”

Will you be adding one or both of these Pikachus to your Build-A-Bear plush toy collection? Comment below.

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