Pokémon My Nintendo Physical Rewards Coming Soon In North America

Image: Nintendo

A little over a week ago, My Nintendo physical rewards disappeared in North America, although as we assumed at the time, this would most likely be a temporary reboot for the region options. It seems that now we can be gradually A return to NA physics rewards, with a couple of Pokemon phone ring holders on the way.

You can see them in the image above, and although they are not necessarily the most breathtaking additions, at least they show that the removal of physical items on My Nintendo was a temporary change.

We’re bringing two Pokémon themed rewards! Pick up your phone with a stylish ring inspired by the adorable Piploop and the Team Galactic logo. You can use it to hold your phone, or rotate the ring to use it as a stand. These Pokémon Piplup and Team Galactic – Phone Ring Holder rewards are coming soon.

There is also Animal Crossing ™ New Horizons Cozy Winter Lotteries live right now, with some goodies to try and win until December 8th; entrance costs only 10 platinum points.

AC My Nintendo Lottery
Image: Nintendo

Let us know what you think and if there are any non-existent physical My Nintendo rewards you would like to return to North America.

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