Pokémon-inspired MMO Adventure Temtem now has over 1 million players

Image: Crema Games

There are more and more games recreating the Pokemon-style experience these days, and one of the most successful titles is Temtem from the Spanish studio Crema Games.

The developer finally released the game on the Nintendo Switch earlier this month, and now, just weeks later, has announced that the player count has crossed the one million mark. He shared the news through his official social media account:

We thought Temtem was a “great” experience – we gave it eight out of ten stars. Worth a look if you’re a Pokemon fan looking for a “cooler challenge”. Read our full Nintendo Life review.

There’s also cross-play and cross-progress, a full story campaign, player customization, trading and competitive battles, and “100%” co-op.

Have you tried Temtem on Switch yet? Tell us below.

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