Pokemon-inspired game Monster Crown teases exciting new announcements for 2022

Pokemon-like games have really taken off in popularity over the past few years, and one in particular that garnered quite a bit of attention last October was Crown of monsters – an online store release that we described as “a sharper and less addictive version of the oldest Pokemon games” that takes us back to the days of 8-bit Pokemon.

If you’re wondering what’s in store for game developer Jason Walsh and Monster Crown in 2022, it looks like there are plans for “some exciting new announcements” as well as a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of the game. There will also be constant improvements and significant content updates.

Here’s the full post and tweet:

Dear Monster Crown Fans,

We’re not looking to slow down anytime soon – Monster Crown will continue to improve in 2022 and will receive significant content updates specifically designed to meet the needs of both monster veterans and new tamers based on requests you’ve sent me across all platforms.

Thank you very much for your support in 2021.

In 2022, I look forward to bringing the Xbox One and PS4 players to our world, as well as sharing some exciting new announcements.

Thank you!! Jason Walsh, developer

Have you tried this Pokemon-style experience yet? What else would you like to see from this game and developer in 2022? Leave your thoughts at the bottom.

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