Pokémon Center Japan is selling a very large and very round toy

Everyone knows that the best Pokémon are spherical, and Pokémon Center Japan has finally seen the light of day, announcing a new “life-size” plush Spheal.

(For reference, Sfila is about 80 cm tall. Or… width. Because it is round. The size of the plush is 80 × 98 × 100 cm.)

The Big Spheal costs 49,500 yen, or about $350/£300, which puts it almost on par with Four foot $500 plush Marip from a meme.

The Spheal, which weighs 7.5kg, is made from a cooling fabric, which means it’s always slightly cool to the touch, just like a real seal (probably). It is currently only available in Japan starting from pokemon center websitewhich is not shipped outside of Japan.

Cheer up with a few official promo images:

Spheal is your favorite round boy? Let us know about it in the comments.

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