PlayStation chief executive fired after posting video of pedophile bite

Screenshot from people against before.

The man named Jeff in a video posted online on Friday.
Screenshot: Youtube

George Cacioppo, senior vice president of Sony Interactive Entertainment who has worked in engineering and the PlayStation Store since 2013, was “fired” from his job after he reportedly starred in a video over the weekend. pedophile bite.

People vs PredsA group of vigilantes who are trying to catch and then publicize the allegedly pedophilic men posted the video over the weekend, claiming they were posing as a 15-year-old boy, and contacted Cacioppo online, who then invited them to his home. for sex.

People vs Preds claim they spoke to the man they claim to be Cacioppo – who used the pseudonym “Jeff” – on the dating site Grindr, and after discussion agreed to meet at “Jeff’s”… The video above begins with a group member walking up to the house and greeting a man named “Jeff” who opens the door in a PS5 T-shirt before closing the door in front of their faces after revealing the purpose of their filming.

While the video itself does not show any crimes and cannot confirm Cacioppo’s identity, People vs Preds also posted a number of screenshots they say they detail the preparations for the meeting, including an alleged selfie of Cacioppo wearing the same shirt as “Jeff” in the video.

CNET now report that the senior vice president was fired, and a Sony spokesman said in a statement, “We are aware of the situation and this employee has been fired.”

Meanwhile, the representative People vs Preds is talking Kotaku that the reason this information was released to the public, rather than passed directly to the authorities, was that “The Police Department does not work with ‘cyber groups’ like us. That’s when the Internet takes over. ” However, they also confirm that “the evidence has been turned into authorities.”

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