PlayStation 5 “Goodwill Discount” offers new console at 20% off; Sony sells 10 million devices worldwide

It is reported that PlayStation 5 owners can buy the new console at a 20% discount, taking advantage of Sony’s “goodwill discount” if their PS5 is physically damaged. Sony has reportedly confirmed the publication that PS5 owners will not have to pay full price for a new console if their old, damaged console is in the warranty period. Additionally, Sony announced that it has sold over 10 million PS5 consoles worldwide since its July 18 launch. The company said the PS5 is the fastest-selling console in Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) history.

Last week report from IGN India, citing PlayStation 5 owners who officially bought the console in India and somehow damaged the HDMI ports, said Sony had offered them to purchase the new console for 80% of its value, that is, Rs. 39,992 instead of Rs. 49,990 MRP if the damaged console is under warranty. They didn’t have the opportunity to get the console repaired and instead buy a new one. Now, according to new report In the same publication, Sony confirmed that this is a “goodwill discount” for customers who have suffered physical damage to their consoles as part of their warranty.

“In the case of physically damaged products, we help customers purchase a new product by offering a discount on goodwill,” a Sony spokesman was quoted as saying in the report.

Repairing a damaged HDMI port will cost more than buying a new PS5 at 20% off, the company says. The report also notes that this policy has been in place since the PlayStation 3 and is likely to remain in effect until Sony provides the country with official repairs and extends the warranty. This can happen when sales are as high as in other markets.

Also, Sony general that as of July 18, there have been over 10 million PS5 units sold worldwide since launch last November. This makes the PS5 the best-selling console in Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) history.

This may seem surprising given the pandemic-related shortage and low inventory levels that keep the console out of most markets and sell out in minutes when it goes on sale.

“Overcoming supply challenges and a global pandemic, we are proud to deliver a transformative gameplay experience that engages gamers around the world,” said Veronica Rogers, senior vice president of global sales and business operations, Sony.

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