Players believe Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s battle stadium is rigged

Image: The Pokémon Company

In the first weeks of the life of the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, many annoying omissions were discovered in the wild. Although many of them we laughed at or were otherwise afraid to turn off the lights at night (the spaghetti trainer often visits us in our dreams), none of them can be as annoying as this theory about the random number generator in games (RNG). ) in Battle Stadium mode (thanks, Eurogamer).

Originally posted on Reddit by user u/Lord-Trolldemort, the player discovered that using the Frost Breath attack (attack with 90% accuracy) would not work if it was the first accuracy check in a battle. Of course, this could be a coincidence, but the Reddit user tested the hypothesis 14 times and got the same result every time. Miss for miss. For quick math, the chance of this happening to a working RNG is one in 100 trillion.

Yes, it can be especially annoying.

If the random number generator chooses the same number every time in Battle Stadium – no less than in ranked online games – it means that it will quickly become easy to predict whether to play a particular move or not. You apply this idea to a low-precision one-punch knockout move, and you’re in a very confusing situation indeed.

The theory was also put into practice @Sibuna_Switchwho took to Twitter to show their findings. This worked as expected. The tweet video (above) shows OHKO after OHKO using Sheer Cold – a move that usually has perilously low accuracy – which ends up being completely win-win if the RNG isn’t so random.

Weird pop-ups, spaghetti hands, and eyes bulging out of trainers’ heads are one thing, but a problem like this risks robbing competitive battles of any sense of randomness. All studios involved have so far remained silent on the matter (as well as on all problems), but we can’t help but think that something like this needs to be fixed quickly.

Either the RNG makes all sorts of very non-random decisions, or a number of players are very, very lucky in battles.

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