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Roll the dice to survive in Random, a tangled kingdom from a gothic tale. In Random, it all comes down to chance, and only the daredevils succeed by learning to tilt the odds in their favor.

Even is a penniless girl whose sister, Odd, was kidnapped from their family home in Onecroft. To save Odd, Even must travel through 6 regions of Random. Everything about Even’s journey will be about understanding the odds and adapting to every unique circumstance that is thrown at her.

At the beginning of her journey, Even will be alone and armed only with a slingshot. The slingshot is great for smashing pots and collecting coins, but unfortunately it cannot damage enemies. A chance encounter with Dicey, a living cube, will allow her to begin to fend for herself. By dropping Dicey, Even will be able to fight enemies like the mechanical minions of the evil Queen of Random.

When Even meets him, Dicey doesn’t quite live out his best sentient life on the die – he loses most of his spikes and can only roll 1. However, together, Even and Dicey can participate in the Combat, and finding his lost spikes will be another goal. … their search.

Lost at random

Fights take place in random order in arenas that look like giant playing fields. Walking through and ending a fight usually means rolling a die to advance a player’s piece on the board, and the ultimate goal is often getting a player’s piece to the end. Deliver the piece to the last point and Even will be safe. But until you do … she won’t.

Enemies will appear in the arena and try to kill her before she and Dicey can get the player to the end of the board. Again; Even’s slingshot cannot damage enemies. This is where her deck of cards comes in handy.

Lost at random

You will collect five different types of cards to create an Even deck: Weapon, Damage, Defense, Danger, and Cheat. Weapon cards will even be equipped with weapons such as bows or swords, which, unlike her slingshot, can deal damage to enemies.

  • Damage cards do damage in other ways as well, such as summoning dangerous creatures to rampage around the arena, or forcing Dicey to explode (don’t worry, he’ll be fine). But even these cards can damage them, so be careful.
  • Defense cards help heal and protect even with things like elixirs and shields. It’s good to have defense cards on hand when enemies get close or your health drops.
  • Hazard cards allow you to add hazards to the arena, such as traps that damage, weaken, or slow down enemies. For example, you can set up a cannon to attack enemies.
  • Cheat cards increase the odds in your favor with special effects that allow you to play cards faster, move a player’s token further, or draw more cards into your hand from the deck.

Building Even’s deck of cards is not only an exercise in creativity, but also in strategy.

Lost at random

As she goes through Random, Even will grow stronger, collecting cards and recovering Dicey’s lost thorns, allowing her to make higher numbers during the fight. Even will also need to collect Dicey’s Lost Points in order to progress through the cities of Random, as entry to different cities (Onecroft, Two Cities, Tridome, Four Cities, Fivetropolis, and Sixtopia) depends on her ability to roll the number of each city. …

Randomness can seem like a chaotic place, and survival ultimately means accepting it. There are many possibilities, and you may not always know what will happen next, but in most cases, you know what might happen. You won’t know if you roll 3, but you will know what will happen if you do. By understanding the odds, you can tune Raven to win.

Play for the odds. Win the game. Lost at random will be available September 10, 2021 and may be pre-order now on the Xbox Store

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