Play Detective Cat in Inspector Waffles, Now Available

We had bird detectives at Aviary Attorney, aligator detectives at Later Alligator, mouse detectives at Basil the Great Mouse Detectiveand now feline detectives in the Inspector Waffles. Is there something sinister going on in the animal kingdom that will require all of these creatures to need investigators?

We will try not to worry too much about this issue when we check the story of the murder, secrets and murder mysteries of Inspector Waffles, in which Waffles must sort everything out before curiosity kills the cat. By this we mean it. Because he is a cat.

Image: Goloso
Inspector Waffles
Image: Goloso

The game has a 10% discount to launch until October 20, but usually costs $ 13.99 / € 12.99. There is also a physical edition available from French publisher Red Art Games, although currently PS4 version only available for pre-order

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