PlatinumGames Delays Sol Cresta, Hideki Kamiya Says December Launch “Not Possible”

Image: PlatinumGames

Hideki Kamiya’s “Very Sorry Stream” just ended, and if you’re wondering why it was named that way, it’s because PlatinumGames had to postpone the upcoming filming. Sol cresta

Kamiya broke the news at the very beginning of the stream. The game was originally locked for release on December 9th, but has now been delayed. There is no date yet, but Kamiya says it is “impossible” to launch the game by the original date. Here’s a rough translation of what he said:

“The release date for Sol Cresta is December 9th … we are working hard to make this date, but I’m sorry, but this release date has become impossible. I very sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart … We are very sincerely sorry for making you wait any longer.

“… We do apologize for the delay in the game, but some graphics issues, some quality issues that we want to focus on, make sure everything is in order, and we came up with a difficult decision to postpone the release.”

Hideki and his colleagues went on to say that development takes a little longer and hoped that fans would understand. At the moment, there is no other information on the release date of the game.

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