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No good killer retires forever. Pistol Whip Contracts is here to make you an offer you can’t refuse, just sign the dotted line and start hunting your targets.

Your task: elimination. Explore a whole new way to defeat your enemies and reap the rewards through Bounties, a rotating daily, weekly and monthly challenge system designed to keep even the most experienced killers on their toes.

Want to get some quick kills and dodge? Take part in the daily reward; one scene that is updated every day. For those who want to brag about completing a more dangerous mission, the Weekly Raid is available; multi-scene operation that is updated once a week. And for veterans, experts, and those with no fear, nothing is more deadly than trying the Monthly Ultimatum; a gauntlet of five scenes that are updated at the beginning of each month.

Endless gameplay customization options are available through the Pistol Whip style system, providing players with an extensive list of weapons and mods. But we hire you to kill, not think, and sometimes a mercenary just wants to grab a gun to finish his assignment without fuss. Enter contracts. It has never been so easy to dive into the action.

The essence of Contracts is to provide pre-made combinations of styles, weapons, enemies and scenes so that shooters of all skill levels can face a wide, ever-changing variety of challenges.

“Contracts use our diverse in-game ingredients, as well as a few new surprises, to serve up delicious revenge layer cakes every day.” Joel Green, game director speaking. “Additional multi-scene stamina bounties are something we’ve been wanting to add for a long time, and the designers are eagerly anticipating the inevitable suffering of our more daring players.”

When the contract expires, players will receive an emblem marked with their rating, which will be visible to others. The first-place killers might even be paid a rare coin, but will they try to dominate one board or rule them all?

This update also includes several Styles menu tweaks to provide smoother access for users, as well as new modifiers for faster and slower bullets and stronger player armor.

Pistol Whip Contracts is scheduled to release on PS VR on June 16th. In the breathtaking world of Pistolverse, daily, weekly and monthly tasks will alternate. Mercenaries from all over the world will return to the game, and we expect you to be among them. Without compromise. There is no mercy. Just do the job.

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