Petey Piranha hits the road in the latest Mario Kart Tour update

Piranha Tour kicks off next week

The latest major update for Mario Kart Tour is due out next week on July 12th and adds a brand new character to the ever-growing roster of racers: Pitty Piranha.

That’s right, everyone’s favorite piranha plant is taking a leave of absence from its vacation on Delfino Island to take on Mario and company on the Piranha Tour. Naturally, the chosen Piti Kart is designed in the shape of a base tube so that Piti can sit and drive in maximum comfort and style. Nintendo teased a new update via Twitter yesterday:

The Piranha Tour kicks off at 11:00 PM PDT on July 12, replacing the Bangkok Tour, which saw players take to the streets of Thailand’s capital and gift Daisy with a brand new kart and a chic outfit.

Will you be checking out the Piranha Tour when it starts next week? Let us know in the comments!

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