Personalize your Elite Series 2 controller with Xbox Design Lab

Whether you are looking for a specially designed controller for yourself, a loved one or a special player in your life, Xbox Design Lab provides ample opportunity to develop the ideal controller. Since the launch of the Xbox Design Lab in 2016, the number one request from fans has been to include Elite controllers in our unique customization program to further personalize our premium controller. Now you have billions of colorful ways to make the most customizable Xbox controller unmistakably yours! We’re excited to give gamers around the world more choices and can’t wait to see fans reimagine what it means to be an elite.

Players can choose from a variety of different colors to customize almost every exterior part of the Elite Series 2 controller, including the body, back cover, D-pad, bumpers, triggers, joysticks, and buttons. You can even choose from a cross or faceted d-pad and, for the first time in Xbox Design Lab, customize the color of the stick base and ring. Personalize your design even more with laser engraving to add your name, gamertag, or a 16-character personalized message. The best part is that the Elite Series 2 controllers are designed to be fully customizable with interchangeable components, so you can play with the specific setup that works best for you. Choose the right components to achieve the best results in the game, such as metal paddles and joysticks of various shapes. Add a custom carrying case to match your style and keep your controller and components safe and organized. Mix and match colors on different pieces until you settle on a unique design that will be delivered right to your door.

Once you have your Elite Series 2 controller, go to the Xbox Accessories app and customize the Xbox button to match your new color scheme perfectly. Choose from a wide range of colors that combine red, blue and green LEDs to create over 16 million shades of light. That being said, you can also set up different button mapping configurations to tailor the controller to your preferred gaming style. Find out more about Xbox Accessories App to start.

Designed to meet the needs of today’s gamers, Elite Series 2 controllers deliver exceptional performance, customization and reliability where it matters most – in your hands. Improve aiming with adjustable tension joysticks, shoot even faster with shorter trigger locks and stay on target with a rubberized grip. Stay in the game with up to 40 hours of rechargeable battery life (depending on usage and other factors) and advanced components designed to last. Easily connect and switch between Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles, Windows PCs and mobile devices with Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth so you can be the elite no matter what gaming platform you prefer.

Starting at $149.99 MSRP, build the perfect controller for your collection with all the premium Elite Series 2 features. You can buy and personalize custom Elite Accessory Sets to pair with an Elite Series 2 controller, or you can get the controller with all Elite components for $209.99. The Elite Series 2 Controller is now available in all Xbox Design Lab markets (select your market and preferred language on the Xbox Design Lab home page). If you don’t know where to start, you will find plenty of inspiration on our website. You can also browse the community gallery to find and be inspired by other fan creations or share your own. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section at Xbox Design Lab website if you have any questions about shipping and handling, product information and more. Elite Series 2 controllers come with a 1-year Microsoft limited warranty for added peace of mind, which is in addition to your rights under consumer protection law.

We can’t wait to see the amazing designs you create. Be sure to share your #XboxDesignLab designs on social media so the rest of the Xbox community can see what you’ve come up with. Visit Xbox Design Lab to start customizing today!

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