Pedro Pascal stars in hilarious (fake) Mario Kart x HBO trailer

When I see the news Saturday night life released another sketch dedicated to Mario Kart franchise, I get memories.

I think we all remember frankly quite a frightening episode Saturday night life back in 2021 when the world second richest man and currently the most punishing poster in the world Elon Musk led. It wasn’t just not funny because he was there (although his first conversation with people certainly didn’t help), but it almost felt like every sketch he appeared in was specifically designed in the lab to provoke a fight. – or flight answer to anyone who watched.

In particular, we are thinking about one bit. THe Vario sketch. A sketch with a rather funny starting concept (Wario was on trial for killing Mario in a go-kart accident) and really disgusting execution. Weird accents, twists, and usually a bare minimum of comedy. When you hear “Mario Kart comedy sketch” and it comes to mind, involuntarily trembling with fear and experiencing severe acid reflux.

With that in mind, I think I can safely say that SNL has paid off. His latest attempt at ridicule Mario Kart in the last episode of the show with Pedro Pascal, it is a triumph.

Actor Pedro Pascal is most recently best known for his role as Joel in the HBO television adaptation. Last of us. Hosting a long-running comedy sketch show for the first time, Pascal addresses the many “fancams” made about him online on Fancam assembly, where Pascal plays the principal of the school, where the students do not stop filming his TikTok fancams. These are the rules. In addition, he did what many considered impossible: starred in Mario Kart a sketch that wasn’t cringe.

HBO Mario Kart Trailer – SNL

Playing on the absence of narrative in Mario Kart and a deep and gripping HBO story Last of us, Mario Kart from HBO this is a really well done sketch based on a simple and timely concept. What if what was traditionally lighthearted and fun was actually serious and stern? We’ve seen it done before, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done well. Visually looks ridiculous, but high quality. Fake quotes from reviews got me. I like!

Of course, comedy is subjective, and what makes me yell “hee hee” may not make you “hee ha.” You may have even thought of the Wario Mask sketch and thought it was the funniest thing you’ve ever seen in your life, and that’s okay. Legally, I can’t stop you from feeling that way, though of course I wish you didn’t.

What about me personally? I think Mario Kart from HBO the sketch knocks him out of the park.

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