PC This Month: Forza Horizon 5, Football Manager 22, Insider Updates & More

November has been an amazing month for PC gaming here on Xbox. We launched even more Xbox Game Studio games on day one with Game Pass for PC, an offer for those who haven’t tried Game Pass for PC yet to get their first 3 months for $ 1, and new Xbox app updates for insiders Xbox for PC testing. Let’s take a quick look at everything you might have missed.

Forza horizon 5

Riding the landscapes of Mexico has never looked better thanks to Forza horizon 5… Vivid and ever-evolving open-world landscapes await you with amazing traffic in hundreds of the world’s greatest cars. Lead thrilling expeditions through a world of striking contrasts and beauty, immersed in an in-depth campaign with hundreds of challenges that reward you for participating in the activities you love.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta

Late 20th Anniversary celebration stream, we were thrilled to release a free game Halo infinite multiplayer beta a few weeks before Halo Endless Campaign. Enjoy everything Season 1: Heroes of Reach has to offer, with content including limited-time events, free rewards, Academy features, and a lifetime premium battle pass – plus all your progress will be fully saved. Halo infinite launch on December 8! For complete information on Halo infinite Multiplayer Beta, go to Halo waypoint

Halo Infinite Season 1

More games available now with Game Pass for PC

Day 1 games, indie favorites, sports, driving and more – check out all the games we’ve added to Game Pass for PC this month!

  • Deer SimulatorDay One with Game Pass for PC
  • Dicey Dungeons
  • Evil genius 2
  • Exo one Day One with Game Pass for PC
  • Fairy tactics
  • Football manager 22Day One with Game Pass for PC
  • Football Manager 22 Xbox EditionDay One with Game Pass for PC
  • Forza horizon 5Day One with Game Pass for PC
  • Generation Zero
  • It takes two
  • Kill him with fire
  • mine craft Bedrock and Java editions
  • Mind scanners
  • Mortal shell
  • The next space rebel Day One with Game Pass for PC
  • One step away from paradise
  • Hunter: Call of the Wild
  • Undungeon Day One with Game Pass for PC
  • UnpackingDay One with Game Pass for PC

New Xbox Insider App Updates

We’re constantly working on new updates and features to make Xbox a great place to play, and this month we have some great stuff for our Insiders to start testing out. Let’s start by speaking with Partner Director of Experience Jason Beaumont about the updates you can test right now as an Xbox Insider:

New features you can check right now:

  • The Xbox app, which is already up and running, will help you predict how well a game will run on your PC. You can see the performance prediction for Game Pass games in the details section for each game.
  • Select the folder you want to install as default, select games in
  • With access to your game folders, you can now modify more games.

There is more to try! If you’re not already an Xbox Insider, here’s how you can join now:

  1. Launch the Xbox app and click the Xbox Insider icon at the top to launch the Xbox Insider Hub.
  2. Go to Previews, then select Windows Gaming and join.

My keyboard mates, there are many games to play, many settings to tweak, and mods to try. Stay tuned here on Wire or @XboxGamePassPC on Twitter for additional updates for PC games. See you later!

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