Path of Titans updates with new world, first pterosaurs, first plesiosaurs! Gameplay trailer narrated by Robert Irwin

Path of the Titans, the multiplayer dinosaur survival game, launches its biggest update, just in time for the holidays! Experience the Gondwean awakening as the new Thalassodromeus pterosaur and Kaiwhekea plesiosaur in a fresh flagship island world, a blend of Mediterranean island landscapes in a diverse archipelago. Get your first look at the new creatures in a playable trailer featuring Australian Zoo conservationist Robert Irwin.

Dive through underwater canyons as the first aquatic Kaiwhekea plesiosaur and catch the rising heat that will take you high into the sky as the first flyer, the Thalassodromeus pterosaur! Towering spiers, ocean cliffs, canyons, hidden sanctuaries and more await you on servers with up to 100 players.

Join your fellow dinosaurs, plesiosaurs and pterosaurs in the coastal habitats of this chain of islands in an open-world sandbox MMO adventure featuring 30 playable dinosaur species included in the Founder’s Edition.

World Path of the Titans expanded in many ways, with new underwater home caves and quests, new aquatic NPCs for hunting, and perches and rocks that Talas can sit on. Discover hidden caves and burrows above and below the blue ocean and interact with many new sea creatures.

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The Alderon Games team would like to thank the Xbox Insider Hub community for their feedback and support in developing Gondwa. Months of optimization will be noticeable in the game, and some features of the new Unreal Engine 5 have been integrated in this update. The flight and swimming systems have been in development for months, and everything related to the new elements of vertical gameplay has been tested on the Xbox Insider Hub with a diverse group of players over the course of several months, many thanks to everyone who participated!

It is important to mention Waystones upgrades and their transportation to friends in the game. This has been requested a lot and the team has made some changes to simplify the system by adding some game mechanics to keep it balanced and prevent exploits or abuse.

This update increases the total number of playable characters to 30 and launches the second official Gondwa 8x8km map, which will join the Panjura mountain forest map. Complete your dinosaur roster, customize and thrive with life cycle growth, over 70 abilities, and over 100,000 in-game cosmetic skin variations.

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From first attempts at flight, learning to fish dive, catching thermals and mastering the hunt for large land prey, find your wings with the first available pterosaur in Path of the Titans. Your long-necked, needle-toothed Kai rules the waterways of Gondwe, guides his plesiosaur, and hones his skills in rivers, lagoons, and bays, competing against the crocodile Sarcosuchus and the hulking Spinosaurus. Discover even more with Community Mod creatures and maps available today. Modding is fully supported! Download free community creations like creatures, maps, game modes, and more are being created all the time!

Take to the air and sea and be one of the first to chart the Gondwea Islands on the Founders’ first flight in Path of the Titans!

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This game is under development. It may or may not change over time or be released as a final product. Buy only if you are satisfied with the current state of the unfinished game. – You have never seen such an adventure of dinosaurs! Path of Titans is an open-world dinosaur sandbox adventure MMO with over 25 dinosaur species inhabiting the realms of the titans. With stunning graphics featuring over 100,000 cosmetic skins, unique traits and skills for each dinosaur subspecies, a newly discovered Gondwea Islands map and playable today, get ready to embark on endless adventures wherever dinosaur imagination takes you. Explore your Jurassic dinosaurs by leveling up species with friends and discover even more creatures and maps from community mods available today. Survive, explore, fight, and thrive in PvP and PvE as you level up your skills, complete side quests, and customize gorgeous cosmetic skins in the Gondwa Islands and Panjur Highlands! Baby dinosaurs start your adventure, learn to explore, master combat, make friends, join a herd or survive alone, hunt, fish, graze, protect resources, say another side quest tonight, build a home cave, have your own dinosaur, start a family with your new baby characters or your friends’ kids and expand your skills, traits, playable cosmetic skins as you travel the Earth millions of years ago! Dinosaurs rule these lands and now you can enter their world! With the introduction of new official dinosaurs and community mods, today the question is: which dinosaur will you take your first steps on the Path of the Titans with? – Full details of the latest game status, how you can leave feedback and report issues can be found at

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