Overview trailer for the new online multiplayer game Dragon Ball

In case you missed it, Bandai Namco is releasing a new online game Dragon Ball due out on Switch in 2022.

This upcoming release is more like survival games like Dead in the daylight and see seven survivors working together or singly to escape the Temporary Seam and avoid being caught by the raider. It’s worth noting that the raider can take the form of Cell, Buu, and Frieza – and each antagonist has their own unique abilities. Survivors will also be able to transform into famous legendary super warriors.

On the eve of Bandai Namco announced closed beta testing, which will take place on Steam from December 3rd to 4th. As long as it will not Turn on the Switch version, there’s a new trailer worth watching and teaching you more.

This new asymmetric online game will launch at some point next year on Nintendo Switch and several other platforms. What do you think about this so far? Would you like to play something like this in the Dragon Ball universe? Leave a comment below.

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