Over 150,000 Players on Battlefield 2042 Refund Petition

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Battlefield 2042 he has a very dirty start. Now that it’s clear what fixes are for BF2042 not coming soon, over 150,000 players signed up a petition asking Electronic Arts to return the money to all players on all platforms.

The petition, titled simply “Allow refunds for Battlefield 2042 on all platforms”, started about four weeks ago and did not attract much attention, but over the past few days, thousands of players have signed up for it. Chances are many of these new people are signing the refund petition after EA and Dice announced a series of delays for both large and small BF2042 content updates. According to EA, BF2042 will not receive new content until the summer, about six months after the release of the game. Updates to add things like voice chat and scoreboards have also been delayed.

As of Friday afternoon, the petition had garnered more than 160,000 signatures, which, according to representatives, making it one of the biggest and most popular petitions of the year. Neither EA nor Dice have responded to the growing petition or player demands for refunds across all platforms. While Steam is reportedly offering refunds BF2042 players, people on PlayStation and Xbox have so far been unable to get similar deals due to the stricter refund policies on those platforms. As we saw during Cyberpunk 2077 fiasco last year it’s not easy to get stores like Xbox and PlayStation to offer refunds in games purchased digitally. (Besides, what’s wrong with video games that have 20XX at the end of the year?)

The petition claims that if it gets over 50,000 signatures, the creator will contact lawyers to potentially start a class action lawsuit against EA and Dice. Kotaku contacted EA about the petition and current BF2042 situation but didn’t get a response before posting.

Since the release in November Battlefield 2042 players have encountered numerous errors, broken features, and other annoying problems and questions. Some of them have been fixed, only to be replaced by other problems. Meanwhile, features like voice chat remain missing.

According to the data provided, BF2042 the refund petition is the third largest video game-related petition in the site’s history. For the curious, here are the top six.

These situations can quickly turn into toxic nightmares., even if the initial call to action seems fair. I think it’s reasonable for people to ask for a refund for a live service online title if it continues to delay content and updates for months.

But of course, checking out some of the petition responses makes it hard to side with the fans, as some suggest a giant conspiracy involving critics and EA to trick gamers into buying an uncaught game. Others suggest that EA doesn’t test their games or that the developers are lazy. These are great examples of how the general public doesn’t understand how difficult it is to create video games, especially those focused on online gaming. Of course, EA needs to fix the game, and I think that the refund is a pretty conscientious gesture. But I also hate the idea that some of these petition signers would benefit if EA offered refunds across all platforms.

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