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The Outlast Trials was one of the most unexpected announcements made during Gamescom’s Live Show. Reconfiguring the gruesome thrills of a first-person survival series into co-op multiplayer may be an unexpected direction for the third installment of the series, but according to developer Red Barrels – behind every game to date – it’s in line with the studio’s aspiration to challenge. yourself with each new iteration. Here he sheds light on the upcoming game, which will be released on PlayStation in the future.

What is a tweet-length “lift” for this game?

In The Outlast Trials, you were kidnapped by the Murkoff Corporation to undergo unethical experiments that will change your psyche and behavior. Whether you go through the challenges alone or in teams, if you live long enough, Murkoff will happily let you return to society … but will you stay the same?

What do you see as the key new gameplay innovation for this game, and how does it differ from other team-based multiplayer horror games as well as previous Outlast titles?

This time, you can survive with your friends. If previous games could be compared to movies, The Outlast Trials is more like a TV series. Your path to freedom will be long.

Why is now the right time for this disclosure?

We just wanted to give our fans an update and the sad news that we have to postpone the release until 2022. We’re getting closer than ever, but we need more time to finalize the game. In every game we try to set ourselves new challenges, and Outlast Trials is no exception.

“There are a dozen warehouses connected by underground tunnels. Inside the warehouses, Murkoff constructed elevator-sized models of real environments. ”

How do you hope players will feel playing this game?

Whether they’re playing alone or with friends, we want players to feel like they’re fighting for their lives and their right to freedom. But is it possible to have freedom of the body without freedom of the mind?

How would you describe the game’s artistic design and what inspired it?

The approach used is the same as in previous Outlast games … distorted realism, decadence and outright gore.

How do you design the protagonists to appeal to the players?

Famous enemies are part of Outlast’s DNA, and this time around, we have more variety than ever. Players will meet many strange, dangerous and violent characters. While they are also Murkoff’s victims, most of them are definitely more than happy to prevent you from completing the program.

What game engine is it built into and what advantages does it provide?

Outlast 1 and 2 were created in Unreal Engine 3. This time we are using Unreal Engine 4. UE4 definitely played a big role in the prototyping phase. We were able to quickly test new ideas and replicate them.


“Between tests, the Reagents return to the Dormitory, where they are well looked after by Merkoff. Reagents can interact with Murkoff staff to obtain the items they need for the next test. ”

Tell us about yourself – the creators of this game, where do you live and how does your collective development history affect this new project?

We are located in Montreal. David Chateauneuf, Hugo Daller and I co-founded the studio back in 2011, after working on big AAA titles like Prince of Persia, Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell and Uncharted. Outlast was our first project called Red Barrels. We made the first game in 14 months with a team of 10 people. For Outlast 2, we doubled the studio staff. This time there are just over 40 of us and we are working on a much larger game than before. Increasing the size of the studio during the pandemic was not easy, but we are getting closer to the goal.

Are there any key PS5 gameplay features like tactile feel from the DualSense wireless controller, triggers, movement, etc. that you can discuss?

We haven’t explored all of these options thoroughly, but we’re definitely excited about the possibilities. Hopefully we will announce others soon.

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