Out Now: New Metroidvania ‘Sheepo’ Drops Fight For Cute Creature Collecting

As promised late last month, Sheepo launched the Nintendo Switch online store today.

In case you missed this initial announcement, Shipo offers an alternative approach to the Metroidvania genre, sacrificing combat and focusing instead on researching and conserving creatures. You play as the title Shypo, a shape-shifting alien sheep (just like you), who must explore the uncharted planet of Sebron and collect samples of its living creatures.

With each egg you collect, you will be able to transform into this creature upon contact, which in turn will help you explore deeper corners of the planet – dig, fly and teleport through an interconnected series of levels filled with lush landscapes, hidden shrines and old ruins, and strange residents who tell their stories. Will you be able to save the creatures and inhabitants of Sebron before his star destroys the planet?

The game, dubbed pacifist Metroidvania in its press release, can be purchased online for $ 10.99 / € 10.99 / £ 9.89. If you’re curious, we’ll leave you with this handy list of features:

– Pacifist platformer Metroidvania: In the enchanting unique twist of the Shipo genre, there are no battles per se – you capture these creatures to save them!
– A dense platformer with silky smooth controls. Play as both Shipo and the many creatures you come into contact with. The gameplay remains fresh as you constantly study the movements of each creature!
– Travel across a vast landscape with many hidden rooms and characters. Explore old mines, an abandoned shopping mall, dense forests, muddy sewers, and more.
– 75+ hidden collectable feathers (planet currency) to spend in the last remaining store in DeadMall.
– Non-linear gameplay. As you explore, open up eggs and get more transformations. The world of Sheepo is opening up quickly so you can chart your own route – meet the locals and find out what’s going on with the planet Sebron.
– Soul sweet aesthetics and whimsical soundtrack will accompany you on your adventures.
– Available in English, German, French, Traditional Chinese and Japanese.

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