Out Now: Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Cloud Launched, But Try The Demo First

It’s fair to say that many Switch owners are not yet convinced of the value and viability of cloud-based versions of high-performance multi-platform games. The technology can sometimes be surprisingly good, but if there are connectivity issues on your side, or indeed on the host server, games quickly become unplayable.

The latest major release to try out the cloud version on a switch is Guardians of the Galaxy Marvelwhich is now available in the online store. You can of course buy it right away, but you are strongly encouraged to download the demo first to test your connection and decide if you are happy with the service. In this case, it seems to knock you halfway through the initial part of the game, clearly meant for you to run around and see how it works.

We tried the initial part of the demo twice on what is usually a very fast home connection, and the results were a little disappointing. The first time it completely freezes after 30 seconds before the notification about the connection attempt appears. We then rebooted and played with no connection errors, but the image quality was modest, along with stuttering and some noticeable input lag.

Anyway, if you’re interested – or just curious – the demo is a tiny download, so you can give it a try and let us know how you are in the comments.

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