Our Picks For 2021 Game Awards Better Win Or We Pout

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And a reward for the best Split screen goes in …
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It’s December, a month where the thoughts of young children turn to gifts and the thoughts of big children turn to the annual celebration of Jeff Keighley’s world premieres of trailers. And these trailers are accompanied by awards given to the best games of the year by professional game judges. Who is judging the verdict of these judges? Why, brave team members Kotaku splitscreen, that’s who.

In this latest release Kotaku splitscreen, Ethan, Lisa Marie and me view the list of this year’s Game Awards nominees, the selection of awards based on our personal tastes, our perception of public opinion, random chance, and at least one game in which we think the car will choose to win (Innovation in Accessibility, Submitted by Chevrolet). The plan was to go through each category slowly and thoughtfully, and that worked until we realized we were running out of time about halfway down the list. I’m sure it’s all very entertaining if you hurry up a bit in the background.

As we consider the nominations, we ask tough questions. What is the difference between an action movie and an action adventure? Why do simulators and strategy games fall into the same category? What esports game would we play if we were Grubhub, the sponsor of the Best Esports Game category? Finding the answers? Listen and find out.

Unfortunately, this episode is the last curtain for Michaela Heck, our producer since Split screen relaunched last year. Since then, she has painstakingly produced each episode, making our rambling, incoherent chatter sound a little more coherent. Did you know that Ethan, Lisa and I are recording on different days? It’s not true, but if it were, Michaela would make it work. She moves on to bigger and better, but her influence will remain Split screen for years to come.

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