Our Mario Golf Verdict: Super Rush 4.0 Update – Latest New Characters, Courses & Modes

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When Mario Golf: Super Rush was launched, it was enjoyable, but as we argued in our review, it was a bit “secondary.” While it still falls short of the quality set by some of its other native games on the Switch, the three major updates have significantly improved the content offered. Multiplayer has been greatly improved and several new courses and modes have been added to flesh out the experience.

Version 4.0 is the latest and the latest of these major updates, and comes with even more powerful additions that are both fun and versatile at the same time. We’ve tried new content, and again, it adds more positives to the evolution of this Switch entry in the series.

Image: Nintendo / Nintendo Life

Let’s focus on the new characters that round out the list first.

New 4.0 Characters – Wiggler and Shy Guy

First we have Wigglerthat looks great when shooting and rumbling, knocking opponents out of the way. He also gets enraged with a few shots that look funny and give the character additional options. umph – all told, this is another one in the big character category, with the advantage of pretty good stamina in high-running modes.

Shy guy 1
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Shy guy medium / small wagon, although like the character, so damn adorable they are worth trying. Quite accurate and consistent in its performance, its Special Dash is also quite interesting as it slides off the ground as it zooms in. It can be useful on courses like Spiky Palms to glide along rivers as a shortcut.

As a final addition to the roster, they are welcome, and it says all that there is now a wide variety of Super Mario characters available. While Adventure-level Mii characters will remain the best choices, modes that exclude them now have a variety of standard characters to choose from.

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New 4.0 Courses – Shelltop Sanctuary and All-Star Summit

Then there are two fresh courses, and, nicely, they are considered one of the best in the game.

Beginning with Shelltop sanctuary… This is another par-3-only field, similar to the previous New Donk City expansion. While it does not recreate the floating islands equivalent in Mario Golf: World Tour, it has a similar vibe and forces players to be precise and precise. The “amateur” version is a difficult but doable task, while the “Pro” version is a test of strong players.

This is a good addition and it works well in One-On, One-Putt modes, which we will talk about later.

Shell Course
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Finally we have Summit of Stars, a very “final” course and immediately one of our favorites in the game. We have criticized in the past that a number of courses and settings in this game lack creativity, and this helps to solve this problem. Each hole and area is designed to resemble iconic Super Mario characters, cleverly using virtually every type of terrain to create likenesses, along with destructible blocks and more.

This is a course where strategy is needed, as there is many the dangers associated with traits created with bunkers and deep rough ground; this is especially true for some of the longer par 5 holes. For example, even some greens have small eye bins, so depending on your approach you may even need to play with chips instead of putts. It’s more fun than useless, and since the course looks fantastic, any quirks seem strong rather than weak. The music is great too.

In our opinion, both fields are good and round off what has become a varied and interesting game in the game.

One winner is you
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New 4.0 Modes – One-On, One Putt and Target Golf

In addition, two new modes complement the game.

Let’s talk about One hit, one hit… This can only be found in the Solo Challenge area, with amateur (and unlockable pro) versions of New Donk City and Shelltop Sanctuary. As the name suggests well enough, you have to hit the green with one hit (fringe doesn’t count), and then hit with one hit; if you have a hole in one, the game clears you up, but confuses you and in a funny way says, “Nice hit!”

You have to complete all 18 holes, but you will receive 10 continuations, which the sounds seemingly a lot, but they can quickly disappear if you peel off from one particular hole. Earlier we said that New Donk City is nice, but it has a few “aggravating” holes, so passing this mode will be a test of your patience. Shelltop Sanctuary, on the other hand, seems like it was designed with this mode in mind and works great.

Everyone says this is a good addition, and unlocking the pro and “special” difficulty will give experienced players a good challenge.

Guide target image
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Finally we have Target golf, which can be played alone, but more often against AI, local or network opponents. This is a great addition as it seems like it could be fun for everyone – take turns, there are no particularly destructive special events or runs between holes, and it provides a colorful alternative to the standard courses. The game takes place in three variations of the stadium arena with increasing difficulty, each of which is charming in its own way.

It’s all about accuracy and a little strategy, since you can choose one of three “rings” for aiming, and your score depends on how close you are to the center. The segment of the ring that you hit disappears, so the strategies for the 5-shot round will change as there are fewer points available. Double points in the final round and a “ special ” zone in the later stages of the game may leave a chance for everyone, although when playing with the AI, the special zone appeared constantly. after our turn in the fourth round, a little annoyance and a little unfair!

So what is the position of Mario Golf: Super Rush after the update?

Credit goes to Nintendo and Camelot for sticking to the update plan, delivering three significant content improvements in terms of characters, courses and modes. Some of them were supposed to be released, we argue that, if you put that aside, the game is now fully functional and has great variety.

The basics of the game – especially in terms of presentation – remain the same as they were at launch, with the exception of some of the more recent course soundtracks, the visuals and sound still feel a bit ‘secondary’. However, there is a lot of content out there right now, so anyone coming fresh or for the first time since launch will find a lot more work for themselves. Whether you’re playing alone or with friends, that now means all players should have fun with the game.

Considering the fact that the updates were free and so many were added to them, all contributors deserve praise. Mario Golf: Super Rush still isn’t high on Switch gaming, but now it’s very good an option for series enthusiasts or anyone looking for a different multiplayer experience on the system.

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Let us know what you think of Mario Golf: Super Rush following its major updates in the comments!

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