Orcs, ants, barbarians, and all 14 wizards return in the remake of Master of Magic

Master of Magic it’s a really, really rad 4X — at least if, like me, you’re part of their next cult. I d evelopers of the new Remake of Master of Magic, Polish indie studio MuHa Games, have released the first developer diary going into what they maintain, and what they change, from the original. Master of Magic he was acquired by publisher Slitherine in 2019, then relaunched on Steam alongside hers impressive expansion made by the fans at the beginning of 2020.

The turn-based 4X game is from the early days of PC strategy, but it has some really golden concepts based on mixing and corresponding to a fantasy civilization with a custom Wizard player. The powerful Wizard then steward is the conquest of civilization while they themselves, seek to cast the spell of Mastery that will make them, well, the master of magic.

(Image credit: MuHa Games, Slitherine)

It looks like almost everything from that original game, core, back to the new Master of Magic. The dev diary includes all the factions and wizards of the first game, as well as the twin game worlds of Arcanus and Myrror, down to the mana system. “Our design philosophy is to try to recreate the mechanics and gameplay of MoM as faithfully as we can,” says MuHa Writer & Lead Quest Designer, Mila Undro, in the newspaper. There may be some small differences, it seems, but not big for core unit statistics.

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