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Since its launch in May 2020, the PlayStation Open Tournament Series has brought together players from all over the globe to compete and enjoy their favorite competitive games. Players have earned respect through hundreds of monthly Open Series Tournaments around the world and have found the community during hundreds of hours of Open Series broadcasts. We are excited to help even more players elevate their competitive game to the next level as we welcome three new titles to the public. Open series of July.

Three New Open Series Titles Join the List

The Open Series catalog continues to make competitive games more accessible to all players through ever more diverse events. Join free contests for three new Open Series titles each week from July through Competition Center or on your PlayStation 4 console.

Tournaments can be intimidating, so we provide incentives to encourage them every step of the way. Play through all four Swiss qualifying rounds per title for rewards such as exclusive themes and avatars, then beat the other players to win bigger prizes like $ 400 in the Monthly Finals.

Car Chess

The first strategy game featured in the Open Series, Auto Chess allows you to build a unique army to conquer the board while beating players around the globe. Methodical movement, anticipation, and many counters on every tactic make victories in this battle of competitive strategy worth taking advantage of.

In addition to the traditional Open Series awards, Auto Chess offers unique rewards such as in-game cosmetics and coins. Go to the program page for more information, including rules and registration. **

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Guilty Gear Strive

Try the newest iteration of this classic 2D, anime hunter. For more than 20 years, Guilty Gear has continued to redefine smooth and eye-catching animation. With 15 characters at launch and even more on the road, now is the best time to approach the competition. Discover new technology, rivals and training partners as you battle for a spot featured on the first Monthly Finals show on August 1st.

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Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is always successful for anyone looking to join one of the longest running competitive communities. Choose one of the more than 50 characters of this 3D hunter and prove that you are the next king of the iron fist.

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To play, watch, and learn more about your favorite competitive games, and to see more information about the full Open Series offering in your regions, visit

** PS4 access, game title, and active PS Plus subscription required. Must be 16+ is a member of an eligible country. Cancel where prohibited. See complete rules.

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