Only you can keep the rhythm of nature alive in Skabma Snowfall, coming to Xbox

Skabma Snowfall this is an important game. Why? Because this is a never-before-seen performance of the Sami people.

Skabma Snowfall comes from the imagination of writer Maryana Auranen (Sami herself) and director Sahin Cengiz. Together they worked hard with PID Games to Skabma Snowfall to the world.

Skabma Snowfall is a beautiful 3D adventure game based on Sami legends. The earth is dying and you will need to become Noaid, the healer, to save it.

Using your magic drum, you will have to harness the power of the spirits and save your village, as well as the whole world.

Finally got to the Xbox Skabma Snowfall will plunge you deep into the Sami land. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes and breathtaking landscapes and take a trip through the Scandinavian lands.

But Skabma Snowfall also a very important game. Red Stage Entertainment and PID Games have been hard at work bringing the Sami people to your Xbox like never before. Not only will you be able to learn more about the culture and mythology, the game is also completely dubbed in Northern Sami. A language spoken by only 20,000 people.

Skabma Snowfall takes you through an adventure like you’ve never seen before. Where you will have to fight with forces that are far beyond your reach.


Play as Ayla, a young reindeer herder. One day, you follow one of your reindeer that has run away and you find yourself on a cosmic-level adventure, becoming the first noaid in centuries!

Noaids are healers. Not fighters. Skabma Snowfall will require you to find the spirits of the earth, heal them and use their power.

Fly over an abyss in the mountains, control the power of fire, or bend a rock to your will. Aylu can’t fight, but that doesn’t mean he’s weak.

Don’t miss out on this unique and beautiful story coming to Xbox very soon and follow us on Twitter: @PID_Games.

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