On Sale: ‘Headland’ Dreams of Switching to Switch

Danish indie developer Northplay has released a Switch port of its 2020 mobile game Headland, now available online for $19.99/€19.99/£17.99.

In Headland, you take on the role of Nora, a little boy who seems to spend as much time in class as he does in his sleep as he fights to repair the broken parts of his Imagination Core in order to repair it and restore color and magic. to the title cape.

This action-packed isometric adventure certainly looks colorful enough as Nor and his dainty little robot buddy explore grassy meadows, dank caves and spooky castles, using a variety of upgradable weapons to make short work of their enemies.

You can watch the Switch game’s launch trailer above and get more information and some screenshots below;

cape officially open for Nintendo Switch players! This bright and colorful adventure will appeal to fans of the classics and is perfect for the Switch platform,” said Michael Flarup of Northplay. “Perhaps you are familiar with cape on mobile, but it’s a new experience with a lot of content added to make it more appealing to the console audience.”

Will you take a trip to the imagination Nora in the Cape? Let us know about it in the comments.


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