Omno’s non-combat fantasy adventure finally takes it to the next level

Omno is a game about a little onion-shaped adventurer who travels through an “ancient world of wonder” in an epic quest to discover … something. This something includes frogs, giants, crabs and lots of puzzles. And, quite impressively, this is a one-man project, driven by German developer Jonas Manke (and, uh, all the other parts of the ship).

Looking at the trailer, we get very much of the Travel Meets Xenoblade Meets Sable vibe, which is perfect for anyone looking for a cool, cozy chill-out game. A plus, Steam reviews love it:

Omno visually stunning with its gorgeous art style, has an inventive approach to seamless game mechanics, and has a relaxing soundtrack that blends perfectly with the gameplay. “
– DarkChaos

“This game was truly phenomenal. I’m not a fan of puzzles AT ALL, but this game was simplistic but beautiful. I was really fascinated by this game and how incredible it felt from start to finish.
It was never boring. I never felt like it was repetitive or annoying. It was just perfection and music.
– Sloths

Omno launches on Nintendo Switch on December 16.

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