Octopath Traveler Teases Sequel On Its Third Anniversary

I loved the visual aesthetics of Octopath Traveler like the music and the battle system, and I absolutely love a sequence. The area I hope to see improved DRAMATICALLY, however, would be how they intersect the arcs of individual history. Having the plot events of each party member go unnoticed by the others or, almost as badly, being given a sign of dialogue one and done about them was the most glaring problem of the original, and which has really sabotaged its main point of sale.

The real problem, in fact, can only lie in the narrative approach of Octopath Traveler; countless RPGs have managed multiple and complex story arcs for individual party members who have influenced the rest because they were a part of the overall journey. OT by comparison made the shared journey and shared experiences a reflection, which actually diminished the individual plots in the final analysis.

Hopefully Square has learned some lessons from the original game if there really is a sequence. It would be incredible to see the package they could put together if they could bring as much writing and moments to the screen that were the company’s hallmark during the SNES era from aesthetics are inspired. Heck, imagine Final Fantasy IV, V, or VI with these output values, for that matter.


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