NYT tries to fix lost Wordle strips after migration

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you may know New York Times for its reputation of paper records and paper I recommend-you-put-peas-in-guac. But now gray lady joined developers like EA, Bungie, 343 Industries and other live service game developers as he quickly tries to put out the fire for his newly acquired puzzle game. wordle.

If you have not been online in the last two months, wordle is a hugely popular daily puzzle game played by literally anyone with an internet connection. It was originally developed by Josh Wardle, a software engineer in Brooklyn, and was conceived as an easy way for his partner to pass the time during a daily pandemic that shows no sign of abating (perhaps never). Wardle sold it to New York Times last month. He walked away with a “seven-figure sum”.

wordle took the world by storm because of how easy it is to pick up. Your mission, if you decide to take it every day, is to guess the five letter word of that day. Incorrect letters are marked in grey, correct letters are marked in green, and correct but misplaced letters are marked in yellow. You have six attempts to guess the word. Players proudly brag about their victories on Twitter and cherish their “streaks” earned for successful completion wordle for days, weeks, months, and eventually centuries. (Yes, wordle outlive us all)

wordlemigration to New York Times dropped this week, and while the game itself seems to have run fine, some players haven’t seen their streaks carried over.

The problems were first discovered yesterday afternoon when once noting it has looked into this issue. Series data was not saved by Wardle and not saved onceso errors appear on the user-facing side since this data is stored locally, the combination of the user’s device, browser, and the URL they use to access the game, Jordan Cohen, Communications Executive for oncesaid Kotaku by email. Last night, once identified the fix and says it’s pretty much fixed by now.

“As of Friday morning, we believe that stats and streaks should be carried over for the vast majority of players. wordle players,” Cohen said. “We’re seeing some reports of users continuing to experience issues, and we’re investigating and engaging with those users.”

If you still don’t see yours, all you have to do is open wordle in the same browser on the same device you usually play on. If that doesn’t help, once offers using the URL you originally used to access the game, which should automatically redirect you to wherever the paper allows wordle real. (wordle originally hosted at “”. It is now “”.)

“Not everyone will be redirected right away. We expect the general audience wordle players to be redirected gradually as for many of them the old site may still be cached,” Cohen said. “This is expected and when the cache expires (within the next few days), they will be redirected.”

If you can’t get your streak back, look at this as a chance to start over. To this end, you could brush up on our game tipsor you can just go back to mathematically defined “best” seed word.

But the easiest way to create a new series might be an unintentional error after wordleMigration’s: On rare occasions, according to Cohen, some players had the puzzle repeat today. Hey, take your wins where you can get them.

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