Now Western Digital has confirmed its own PS5-enabled SSD at $ 250 per 1TB.


Western Digital has confirmed to VGC that its premium SSD is PlayStation 5 compatible.

WD_BLACK SN850 with heatsink is the second SSD confirmed as PS5 compatible with retail price of $ 139.99 / £ 140.99 for 500GB, $ 249.99 / £ 218.99 for 1TB and 429. $ 99 / £ 452.99 for 2TB.

Western Digital told VGC: “Based on published Sony requirements, we can confirm that our WD_BLACK SN850 NVMe SSD with heatsink (500-2TB) meets the stated requirements for expanding console storage on PlayStation 5 for those with PlayStation access. 5 Beta. software. Compatibility testing continues. “

Seagate was the first storage maker yesterday to announce that one of its SSDs is compatible with the PS5. Its FireCuda 530 with an attached heatsink will retail for $ 169.99 for 500GB, $ 274.99 for 1TB, $ 569.99 for 2TB, and $ 1,049.99 for 4TB.

Sony yesterday released a complete set of requirements for compatible SSDs, but stressed that even some SSDs that meet those requirements may still not work. Therefore, it is the storage manufacturer’s responsibility to confirm SSD compatibility.

Now Western Digital has confirmed its own PS5-enabled SSD at $ 250 for 1TB.

Sony has begun giving beta users the option to expand PlayStation 5 storage with a standard M.2 solid-state drive as part of a major system update, but players will have to follow detailed instructions carefully to complete the process.


Expanding storage has been one of the most requested features since the PS5’s launch last November, but its rollout has been hampered by the need for off-the-shelf drives that would match the high specs of the PS5’s own high-speed SSD.

While players can currently connect an external drive to the PlayStation 5 via USB, they cannot play PS5 games. They can only be used for PS4 games and can also store PS5 games that are not currently in use, so they can be copied to the console’s main SSD storage when they’re ready to play.

To expand the main SSD storage for PS5 gaming, players will need to buy a Sony-compliant high-speed M.2 SSD and attach it to the console’s internal SSD mount, which is currently inactive for all but beta users. …

The only current Xbox Series X / S SSD storage expansion solution is Seagate’s dedicated storage expansion card, which costs $ 219 for 1TB.

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