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A space traveler is looking at a strange object.

You no longer need to suffer from survival and crafting tasks to enjoy the sights of this vast galaxy.
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Nobody’s skyX the latest update dubbed “Waypoint” allows you to adjust the difficulty of the game in a variety of ways, making the game easier or harder in key areas. This has the nice side effect of making the game more accessible. So, for example, if you liked the idea of ​​traveling through a seemingly endless universe but got bogged down in the crafting and survival elements, Hello Games has now given you god mode level options to customize the game exactly to your taste.

It’s not just a “simple mode” switch; now you can scale many different elements as you wish. Want to cut down on all the elements of survival but increase the difficulty of ship-to-ship combat? You can kill survival elements, increasing the difficulty and damage of the enemy across the board. Enjoy the crafting elements but find the resources too scarce for what you would like? You can increase the frequency of harvesting natural resources while continuing to enjoy hunting and gathering.

Whether you find yourself jumping in and out of the game due to various pain points, or struggling to get your friends to jump on board, this guide will cover some of the common difficulties in the game. NMSindicating which of the new difficulty settings should be reduced in order to create a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

The new No Man's Sky in-game menu shows a range of options.

Choosing a custom game will give you maximum control over your new save.
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Run in user mode (if you can)

You will get maximum freedom of action by starting a new game in “Custom Mode”. There, you’ll find additional options besides the difficulty settings that you can access mid-game, such as the ability to unlock all blueprints, enable permanent death, and customize your inventory stack.

Luckily, all of these difficulty options are available for every user. If you don’t want your launchers to stay fueled but your friends are die-hard survival fans, now you can all co-exist in the game with challenges tailored to your expectations.

Like the graphics settings menu for PC games, the new difficulty settings come with preset options that you can tweak further if they don’t exactly match your preferences. The “normal” preset makes the game more or less the way it has always been. You also have Creative, Relaxed, and Survival choices. If these words sound familiar, it’s because they used to be the modes you chose at the start of a new game. Now you can take advantage of these different modes to a greater or lesser extent whenever you want, whether in single player or multiplayer.

While these wider presets may suit your needs quite well, you can also reduce the complexity of some aspects while leaving others untouched. Here’s how:

A space traveler stands outside his ship on an alien world.

Now you can really just “go there”.
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Facilitate movement

Moving in NMS, especially on a planet, can be a bit of a challenge. While you may enjoy waking up on a mysterious planet and scouring for resources to fuel your ship and exosuit, others may find the experience too tiring. And while you can upgrade your jetpack and sprint abilities as you play, the initial limits on these elements can be too strict.

If you just want to make it a little easier to get around the universe without sacrificing combat and the overall challenge of building and surviving, the Sprint, Fuel Use, and Hyperdrive System Access settings are the way to go.

Sprint, located under Survival Settings, starts at Standard, which leaves you breathless as soon as the HUD stamina meter runs out, putting stress on your life support systems. Drop it down to “Relaxed” and your sprint time will practically double and you won’t suffer life support depletion after that either. Choose Infinite and you won’t even have to worry about the cooldown timer. That’s it: the hoof is no longer such a burden.

The difficulty options for No Man's Sky show survival settings.

Surviving in the galaxy is much easier now. Or harder. Your choice!
Screenshot: Hello Games / Kotaku

Another pain point concerns your ship’s starting engines. Nothing is more tiring than jumping on a ship to take off, only to realize that you forgot to refuel your launch engines, leaving you stranded on a planet that might want to kill you a little longer than you’d like. Like many things in NMS, you can upgrade these parts of the ship with hard work and hard work, but the new difficulty options allow you to not have to search for the right blueprint and crafting materials. In the Craft & Item Settings section, simply drag the Fuel Usage settings to either Discounted or Free. On the other hand, if you want to make your fuel requirements more difficult for yourself, you can upgrade it to “expensive”.

The fuel consumption also affects your mining laser when you are on foot, allowing it to run indefinitely, at a lower cost, or at an increased cost compared to the standard settings. Adjusting the fuel consumption will also change the Pulse Drive and Hyperdrive fueling requirements, allowing you to fuel the ones on the menu for free. However, you still need to look at the actual meters on them.

You can also unlock entry requirements for certain solar system classes, allowing you to freely travel the red, green, and blue systems without special technology. At the bottom, in “Ease of Use”, switch “Hyperdrive System Access” to “Unlimited” to navigate the various systems as you see fit.

A space traveler is fighting strange aliens.

New combat and damage settings put dangerous wildlife in its place.
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Make the universe less willing to kill you

On ignition NMS For the first time, you can enter a paradise world where the weather is always amazing, the wildlife is mostly docile, and there are no sentries to get angry at your slow but steady depletion of the planet’s resources. But you’re just as likely to be thrown into a world where the air is on fire, everything wants to eat you, and every attempt to collect resources causes a bunch of jerk-robot-police-ecologists.

You might want to keep some of this problem, or turn it all off. You can start with “Elements of Survival” in Survival Settings. AT NMS, you are usually tasked with maintaining your health, defending yourself from danger, and maintaining life. Survival Elements lets you customize which ones you want to keep up to date. The first reduced setting removes the need for life support, but environmental damage and physical damage from combat are still present. One more step down, and you will only have to worry about your health from enemy attacks. One more step down to “No” and you can travel without heeding any threats by setting it to “No”.

One sub-branch of survival settings, “Damage Levels”, will allow you to scale the total damage you and your spaceship can take. Switch it to “None” to never take damage, not even fall damage or from your ship colliding with things. You can also use the Technological Damage setting to keep your gear in good condition (or make it harder for yourself, if you prefer).

You can also change your death conditions to be more or less punitive if you bite a big one. The simplest setting reduces the loss of all items. Only in a new game, you can also enable permanent death by deleting the save after death.

No Man's Sky difficulty settings show combat options.

If you put creatures in a passive state and still kill them, yes, you are a monster.
Screenshot: Hello Games / Kotaku

Four options allow you to customize the fight. The overall strength of the enemy is up to you with “Enemy Strength” allowing you to buff or debuff your enemies. You can customize foot combat to minimize or eliminate it entirely. The same goes for Space Combat, which you can customize separately to make zero-gravity fights more lethal, leave it as the default, reduce the difficulty, or remove it from the game entirely. Creature aggression settings are also available. You can make creatures react hostile only if you harm them, or make them completely passive so you never have to worry about angering wild animals.

Just one caveat: you can’t disable space combat in the middle of a battle. If you get stuck in a firefight, you’ll have to fight your way through first.

Difficulty options for No Man's Sky show item crafting and item customization.

If death is not for you, now you can say no to it.
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Resource Economy Juice

survival in the universe NMS it’s not just avoiding natural disasters and avoiding wilderness. You also have to gather resources to power important functions of your suit or ship, and craft various items to get you going.

For starters, you can turn off all crafting requirements in the Crafting section. Now you can build and craft without needing any materials. Just go to the menu and create all the warp cells, metal plating, antimatter and carbon nanotubes you want.

If you still want to collect resources, you can increase the number of resources by setting “Natural Resources” in the survival settings. This will increase the amount you recover from mining or gathering. You can also adjust the scanner’s reload speed so you can scout without having to reload.

If you’re really crazy about power, you can also influence the actual financial economy of the galaxy. In the crafting and item settings, you can reduce the cost of any purchase to a reduced rate or make everything free. In addition, you can also influence the availability of items in trading terminals throughout the universe, making various items more scarce or more abundant. Now everyone will have the equipment you need, and you won’t have to pay a single loan.

You can also adjust inventory stack limits, but this is only available from the start in Custom Game Mode.

Nobody’s skynew difficulty options can dramatically change the nature of the game. If you’ve been bouncing back in the past due to any of the issues mentioned above, the new update could make it easier to travel across a quintillion worlds. Or worse, should space be an invitation to suffering, not wonder. Thanks to the new ability to customize the game according to your preferences, the vast universe Nobody’s sky somehow just got a little more expansive.

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