“No plans” for additional updates to Stardew Valley, but its creator does not rule it out

There aren’t many indie games as popular and beloved as Stardew Valley – and for good reason, it’s pretty good – but with a new game arriving, will developer Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Baron find the time or willingness to provide further updates?

Already impressive right from the start on Switch, Stardew Valley last got a major update almost a year ago when the highly anticipated 1.5 update came out in February 2021. There have been small changes since then, but the game is now packed full of features and the next intriguing project, Barone Haunted Chocolatier, which is currently in development, it’s easy to assume that Stardew’s evolution has come to an end.

Except for what might not have happened. In an interview with VGKamiwho primarily discusses the current development of the Haunted Chocolatier, Barone touches on the future of Stardew by leaving the door tantalizingly open:

“In any case, I have no plans. I don’t want to make any promises for new updates, and I don’t want to say definitively that this is over either. ”

He continues …

“I think the game is in very good shape anyway, so I don’t think there is anything to add to it. But at the same time, there is always room for improvement. “

As for Haunted Chocolatier, the game has yet to be confirmed for a Switch release, although Barone has previously stated that he has “every intention” to bring it to a number of “mainstream platforms.” This Frequently Asked Questions tells us everything we need to know.

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