No One Saves the World: Launch in early 2022 with multiplayer co-op

Hello everyone! Daniel from the Drinkbox studio is here. I am leading the QA team and am very pleased to finally announce that our new Action RPG No one saves the world will allow not one, but two to save the world. That’s right – the game will be released with a two-player co-op mode when it launches in early 2022! Double the number of weird kids’ heroes, double the shape-shifting magic wands, and double the fun of disaster relief!

The co-op game works the same as the main game, except that you play with a buddy. This means that both of you can complete quests to level up, fight in unique dungeons, and combine abilities of different forms. But since players can be separate forms, each with their own settings, there is a whole second level of interaction that opens up in a multiplayer game.

We’ve been testing the co-op every day for the past 6 months, so I can tell from experience that there are a lot of fun things you can do with two players. Fill the screen with animals and familiar zombies; knock enemies back among themselves with the horse’s powerful knockback ability; use the Guardian’s Shield to cover the Ranger’s Flurry of Arrows; Combine the close-range combat skills of a monk with the mermaid’s aquatic agility to dominate land and sea at the same time! This is just a small part of what the game has to offer, and we can’t wait for you and your friends to dive into it and experiment.

No one saves the world

The multiplayer mode is really easy to switch as it uses your single saves. Want to make some progress in single player, call a friend for help with a dungeon, and then pick up where you left off in single player? You can! A plus, No one saves the world Supports Cross-Platform Play on Microsoft Platforms So You Can Play With Friends on Xbox Series X Devices | S, Xbox One and Windows 10.

We’re so excited that you can explore this world, meet its characters, and defeat Calamity with a friend! No one saves the world will launch in early 2022 and will be available on PC and Xbox Game Pass at launch.

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