No Nintendo First Party titles on EDGE magazine’s GOTY 2021 list

Image: Nintendo

The respected gaming magazine EDGE featured the top 10 games of 2021 in its latest edition, and while Sony and Microsoft fans will be delighted to see the exclusive platforms emerge for PS5 and Xbox consoles, none of the games developed or published by Nintendo have been able to achieve this. make a list this year.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Switch doesn’t support. Six of the top 10 games are available on Nintendo in one form or another, with Capcom’s excellent Monster Hunter Rise being an exclusive platform, no less (well, until January 12th when it is scheduled to launch on PC), but from Nintendo. Headlines are missing from this year’s GOTY selection.

This might surprise Nintendo fans a bit, but it has to be said that this has been a great year for gaming across the board, so the competition has been fierce. Arkane Studios PS5 Exclusive Deathloop took first place, followed by beloved indie character Chicory: A Colorful Tale (recently released on Switch) and tactical RPG for PC. Wild myth on the third place.

Other games that can be played on Switch that have made this mark include Dungeon Encounters (fourth), the previously mentioned Monster Hunter Rise (sixth), Hitman 3 (seventh – Switch received Cloud Version processing), and Bonfire Peaks (eighth).

According to EDGE, the top 10 games of 2021 are as follows:

1. Death loop
2. Chicory: a colorful tale
3. Wild myth
4. Meetings in the dungeons
5. Forza horizon 5
6. Monster Hunter Rise
7. Hitman 3
8. Campfire peaks
9. Return
10. Psychonauts 2

Elsewhere, Metroid Dread and New Pokémon Snap came in second in the Nintendo Awards category (which, of course, was won by Monster Hunter Rise).

As we noted above, the field is very strong this year, and while we personally would work with Metroid Dread there, it’s fantastic to see that each of the listed non-exclusive games can be played on Nintendo Switch, even if it’s a cloud version in the case of Hitman 3. Switch owners should only point out that after so many years (in fact, starting in the Wii era) of multi-platform gaming without Nintendo consoles.

So Nintendo company may have missed out on the EDGE award, but Switch gamers can try most of this great list. This is definitely a great time to play video games.

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