No More Heroes III Resizes the Apparently Revealed File Size


August, legendary assassin Travis Touchdown makes his glorious return No More Heroes III for the Switch.

The new Grasshopper Manufacture game requires players to fight to the top of the Galactic Superhero Ranking and stop alien invaders on track. If you plan to download this game digitally, you may be interested in the size of the game file, and according to an eShop list, it will take 6.8 GB of space.

In a news release recently, publisher Pix’n Love announced that it will release one luxury and collectible edition of No More Heroes III. The Deluxe Edition will be limited to only 500 copies and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Suda51.


Pre-orders will open for these special physical versions later today at 4pm BST. Can you take a physical or digital copy of No More Heroes III? Leave a comment below.


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