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Hello, we are starting 2022 as we are going to continue! We are pleased to announce that the first update of the year is available as a free download today for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR players. It’s called No Man’s Sky Sentinel.

The Sentinel update overhauls the game’s combat systems and the enemies you encounter to create something much more challenging and exciting. No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration, but our universe has always been full of danger and danger. Guardians guard the planets you explore and have long been an element of a game that we wanted to make more interesting, deep and fun, and allow players to conquer and overcome them in a more meaningful way.

Luckily, this update contains a huge amount of combat upgrades and upgrades for the battle-wounded Traveler. You have access to new weapons and upgrades, such as a high-powered neutron gun, an active cloaking device, and a new stun grenade. You can even install AI in your Minotaur Exomech and it will protect you in combat.

Guardians have also become more formidable. You’ll have to take on new elite drone classes, including Heavy, Summoners, and Repairers, and even their own fearsome Hardframe Exomech. Guardians now deploy their own mobile energy shields and have access to new weapons such as terrain-destroying grenades and a plasma flamethrower. And for the most daring, the location of the mysterious Pillars of the Guardians has become known, and those who penetrate its robotic archive are waiting for exclusive rewards and mysterious stories.

With the Sentinel update, players will learn about how the Sentinels came to be. As you complete a significant chain of new story missions, you will have the opportunity to reprogram and use your own friendly AI drone, as well as collect parts to create your own defense.

Also starting next week is a new Exobiological Expedition with tons of new exclusive rewards.

This is a huge update, but here are just a few of the additions:

Sentinel Hardframe Mech

Take on a new robotic enemy, the huge, heavily armored Hardframe mech. Equipped with lasers, landscape-destroying grenades and a plasma flamethrower, this fearsome new Guardian blasts across the battlefield with a powerful jetpack.

Complete visual overhaul of weapons

All Multi-Tool systems, from the Mining Laser to the Scatter Blaster, have undergone significant visual changes: new projectiles and beams, muzzle flashes, lighting effects, refraction, new hits and much more.

Advanced Combat Upgrades

New upgrades add depth to combat, allowing you to add stun or incinerate effects to existing weapons, or customize your multi-tool to deal extra damage to targets you’ve previously marked. Or use the new cloaking device to disappear in the middle of a fight and gain a strategic advantage.

Companion robots with artificial intelligence

Players can reassemble and reprogram their own friendly robot companion drone, or go one step further and dismantle Sentinel Hardframe parts to create their own self-contained AI giant mechanical escort.

New stories and missions

Work with the crew of the Space Anomaly on a major new story mission, or raid the sinister Pillars of Guardians to access their archives and explore the secrets of the Atlas and the Glass World…

Combat Flow and Feel Improvements

A huge list of tweaks and improvements have been made to the feel and fluidity of the weapons, making combat more dynamic and impressive.

New drone enemies

Regular Guardian units have been redesigned, with existing patrol drones joined by heavy combat and shield drones, special repair drones, and even advanced summoning units.

Last year, the No Man’s Sky team released a ton of updates (including Companions, Expeditions, Prisms, Frontiers) and our first Expeditions (like Beachhead, Emergence, Pioneers, Cartographers). I have no doubt that 2022 will be just as productive for our small team.

We look forward to seeing our PlayStation communities take on the heightened power of the Guardians in this 18th No Man’s Sky update.

Our journey continues.

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