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This already seems like an incredibly busy year for No Man’s Sky on PlayStation, with the PlayStation VR2 version currently in development, with the Sentinels and Outlaws updates and the Leviathan Expedition already in our possession for the first six months. Today we are excited to announce the 20th update for No Man’s Sky. We call it Endurance and it’s a free download for our PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PSVR players today.

The name Endurance conjures up images of epic journeys at the helm of iconic and imposing ships, so it’s no wonder this update focuses on your freighter fleet and introduces a whole new dimension to the use and enjoyment of your capital ship.

We’ve expanded the radical customization options for these massive ships to become true space bases with Scanners, Shops, Planters, Purifiers, and Extractors, just to name a few.

Travelers can plan and customize their cargo ship bases however they want, in a wide variety of styles with glass corridors, catwalks (inside and outside), and all-new hangar and bridge effects. And what’s more, you can populate your cargo ship with a large number of crew members that will spice up your mobile base. Reaching your new base in the sky has never been easier with the ability to place teleportation nodes anywhere on your ship.

Standing on your fancy cargo ship, watching the system through the large glass bay windows, or even from the outside walkway, you get an excellent vantage point to admire the planets and stars around you. And don’t miss the new asteroid fields that Travelers will find denser and more visually exciting.

Endurance coincides with No Man’s Sky’s six year anniversary on PlayStation, and it’s amazing to see so many PlayStation players still putting in an incredible amount of hours into the game so many years after the first travelers set foot on their first planet. We are eternally grateful for the support of our PlayStation community.

Our journey continues.

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