Nintendo’s Monthly Rewind Reminds Us of the Big Games and News of November

For a long time, Nintendo has produced Monthly Rewind videos, in which a very energetic voiceover takes us through the key releases and highlights of the past month. The November iteration has arrived and serves as a reminder that this has been a pretty noteworthy month for Switch (and mobile is mentioned as well).

Of course Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shining Pearl are the main headline alongside the Pokémon Unite updates, and also highlight that we’ve had significant updates to existing games – both free and paid – that have given them extra life. We were big fans Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Happy Home Paradise especially. Some pretty decent online store names are on display as well, from high-ranking IPs to downright geeks. DEEEER Simulator: Normal Everyday Deer Game

December will naturally be quieter, although some intriguing downloadable games and updates are likely to take advantage of the weakness from the lack of widely sold retail games.

Let us know what you think of Nintendo’s November efforts in the comments.

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