Nintendo will replenish stock of Switch Online N64 controllers in 2022 (North America)

Nintendo Switch
Image: Nintendo

If you’re in North America and can’t get your hands on a Nintendo 64 Wireless Controller for Switch Online, you may have to wait a bit to restock.

An update on the official Nintendo Store page for this region has changed the notice that more controllers will be available at the end of October to the following message:

“More controllers will be available in 2022.”

Yes, if you missed one, it seems like you just have to wait until next year. When these controllers become available again, you will be able to purchase them for $ 49.99 each. There is also a limit of four controllers per Nintendo Account.

Did you manage to secure one (or more) of these N64 wireless controllers the first time? What do you think of them at the moment? Leave a comment below.


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