Nintendo Unveils 15 Most Downloaded Switch Games In December 2021 (Europe)

@ RPG lover

The problem is we have nothing better on the switch, no PES competition. As for me, now I can play my games handheld and not on TV, this is the best I can get, and at its core it is a game of soccer. This is realistic enough. I don’t need PS or Xbox for top-end graphics. Just the good old handheld soccer game and that gives it to us with today’s players.

I got mine for free as a Christmas present, but if it weren’t for me, I would have brought it, so I’m probably considered part of the problem, just like the Pokémon as I will be getting legends. But come on, I just want to enjoy the games, not worry about politics, so I can relax and have fun without worrying about graphics or frame rates.

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