Nintendo teases giant LEGO Super Mario display at Comic-Con

Image: LEGO, Nintendo

Last week, Nintendo unveiled the Mighty Bowser, a new 2,807-piece Lego set that measures 32 cm (12 inches) high.

Now, in the update, Nintendo has even teased more a demo that will be unveiled next week at San Diego Comic-Con on July 21st. It is part of the Lego Super Mario line.

It will be 14 feet tall (about 4.2 meters) and will be made up of a whopping 663,900 bricks. Judging by the roaring sound at the end of the video, this is another Bowser model, possibly a copy…

The smaller Mighty Bowser will be released later this year on October 1st for $269.99 or your regional equivalent. You can learn more about the retail version in our original story:

How do you feel about giant Mario-style Lego models? Will you be buying the Bowser Lego set when it comes out? Leave a comment below.

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