Nintendo talks about its future – once again confirms that the next gaming system will appear in “20XX”

Image: Nintendo

There is always talk about what will happen next with big gaming companies like Nintendo, but what will actually happen with Nintendo?

Well, in the last Corporate Governance Policy Briefing led by President Shuntaro Furukawa – the company has shared another incredibly vague update on future hardware plans, essentially repeating what has already been mentioned in previous cases.

It is clear that the company will continue to expand the Nintendo IP in the future, and as part of this “next game system” Nintendo will continue to adopt an “integrated hardware and software approach.” And if you’re wondering, it will happen … eventually. Currently, the placeholder has been abbreviated to “20XX”, so we’ll at least get it this century. Hooray!

Nintendo says it will also continue to use Nintendo Accounts to establish “touchpoints” and “long term” relationships with consumers.

“Nintendo plans to further expand its business using the core concept of creating unique integrated hardware and software products.

“We are committed to a virtuous cycle with our integrated hardware / software business and Nintendo Accounts-based service and content delivery that creates touchpoints with an increasing number of consumers and strengthens them for long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.”

Here is the same slide as you could have seen before:

Nintendo's future prospects
Image: Nintendo

What do you think we might see in the future Nintendo system after the current generation of Switch? When do you think we will see this new hardware? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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