Nintendo Switch’s ACNH Receives In-Game Black Friday Discount

ACNH residents gather around Christmas presents outside in the snow.

Screenshot: Nintendo

Holiday shopping season 2021 at the mercy global inventory shortages and supply chain constraints. Animal Crossing: New HorizonTimmy and Tommy Nook no, and it looks like Nook’s Cranny owners will be running their own Black Friday sale in-game starting Nov 26, as part of new update 2.0

This news came from ACNH players who dare to travel a few weeks into the future and visit Nook’s Cranny for bargains. NintendoLife reported Yesterday, Timmy and Tommy will be hosting a special Nook Friday event, which runs from November 26, the real-life Black Friday date, to November 30 next Tuesday.

During this period, the brothers will reduce the prices of everything in their store by 30 percent. This is a good saving on small tickets and, possibly, the difference in tens of thousands of calls on more expensive items. Other players have started posting screenshots of the future on the network, confirming this event.

Of course, this does not mean that there will be a 30 percent discount on everything in the game. Nook’s Cranny only sells certain items on certain days and it depends on each player. Time travel back and forth won’t change that either, if you’re the kind of person who even contemplates doing this, and I’m sure it isn’t.

I am did go to November 26th to check out Nook Friday early but I didn’t find it, probably because I started my island over and haven’t updated Timmy & Tommy’s store to its final version yet. Fortunately, I and everyone else who reads this has plenty of time to do this (herehandy reference).

While Nook Friday is a great new event to host ACNHand a great way for newbies to catch up, some players are disappointed that massive game update 2.0 did not add a completely new extension to Nook’s Cranny. That would be cool too! But there are tons of other things 2.0, and from yesterday Happy home paradise DLCadded and I could actually use extra bells to finish buy it all

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